Baseball Equipment Drive for PAL

March 10, 2016

Jacob Rubenstein and Jared Char are seniors at Harrison High School in Farmington Hills. They were tasked with planning a community service project as part of the curriculum for their IB program at school. They chose to devote their time for the benefit of the children of Detroit PAL!

“We both have a love for baseball, so naturally when we were presented with a community service project, it was a no-brainer to give back to the sport we love,” said Jacob, “Many friends of Jared have played PAL football and always talk about their youth football days through the organizations. We imagine the youth that enjoy the baseball program have similarly great experiences.”

Back in July, Jacob and Jared began planning an equipment drive collecting baseball equipment for the kids of Detroit PAL. They worked together to create a flyer about the drive and found a hIMG_7382uge box that they housed at their baseball facility, The Bullpen. They also had a box at their school to collect even more donations.

To get the word out, Jacob and Jared made announcements at their school and were mentioned in their district email list serve. They began collecting items in September and have had great success throughout the winter!

Detroit PAL appreciates the hard work these two young men put in to help make baseball great for the kids in Detroit. Every act of kindness, like this one, helps the kids PAL serves tremendously. The kids of Detroit will be hitting the fields this summer with this new equipment, generously donated by Jacob, Jared, and everyone who supported their equipment drive.

Thank you!