Caidon Haliburton Named PAL Youth of the Year

March 9, 2017

Detroit PAL is proud to announce the 2017 Youth of the Year, Caidon Haliburton!

Caidon is 13 years old and has been playing for Detroit PAL for three years in football and baseball. The 8th grader at Birney K-8 School in Southfield works hard on the field and in the classroom.

“Being a part of PAL has been positive for Caidon because he has been able to experience, first-hand, the benefit of goal-setting and hard work!” said Carin Poole, Caidon’s mother, “We have noticed Caidon was able to find his inner voice and tap into his confidence to strive for excellence.”

Caidon has been fortunate to have an amazing support system at home, as well as on the field. The most important lesson he ever learned from one of his coaches was to always play fair and do your best, no matter how the other team is playing. One of Caidon’s favorite parts about being on a team is the family connection you get with coaches, fellow players, and the organization staff.

Caidon has big dreams for his future! His aspirations include playing in the NFL and MLB, relocating the Motown Record Label back to Detroit, or becoming a criminal defense attorney. To get there, Caidon hopes to study Business and Psychology at the University of Michigan and later go on to Law School.

In addition to participating in PAL programs and keeping up with his school work, Caidon also enjoys playing drums at Elim Baptist Church, reading, collecting movie and sports memorabilia, and listening to his vinyl record collection.

“Being able to be PAL’s Youth of the Year means taking responsibility for making sure that everyone who volunteers their time, provides resources and/or makes financial contributions to help us 13,000 kids realize our dreams and stay safe through sports knows that we are very grateful!” exclaimed Caidon about being chosen as PAL’s Youth of the Year.

Detroit PAL’s Youth of the Year will represent the 13,000 boys and girls PAL serves for the entire 2017 year. Caidon will have the opportunity to attend fundraising events, PAL athletic events, and more. He received his award and gave his first speech at the MVP Awards Dinner on March 2nd and received a standing ovation from the crowd of 400 supporters.

Congratulations Caidon! We are looking forward to 2017 with you as our Youth of the Year!