Cheer Competition

November 7, 2016

The Detroit PAL Cheer Competition was held on Sunday, October 23rd at Calihan Hall at the University of Detroit Mercy.

The day was packed full of cheering; from the cheerleaders, the coaches, and the parents and supporters! All of the girls did an amazing job. The event started off with a showcase of our F-Team girls. They all came together to do a cheer in unity. Following that, the Detroit PAL Dazzg47d7250lers performed for the packed crowd.

The competition began with the D-Team. Ten teams competed in the D-Team Division and they all did a great job! The C-Team, B-Team, and A-Team competitions were next. Hundreds of girls from all over the city cheered and danced their hearts out and they left it all on the floor.

“I’m so excited to compete today,” said a young B-Team cheerleader, “We’ve worked so hard and practiced for so long. We can’t wait to show everyone in the crowd what we can do.”

Below are the results from each division. For pictures from the competition, please visit our Facebook page here.



A-Team Division
Level 1
1st place: Cowboys
2nd place: Raidersg47d7257
3rd place: Titans
4th place: Wildcats

Level 2
1st place: Falcons
2nd place: Rams
3rd place: Spartans
4th place: Wolverines

B-Team Division
Level 1
1st place: Steelers
2nd place: Dragonsg47d8491
3rd place: Raiders
4th place: Panthers

Level 2
1st place: Spartans
2nd place: Rams
3rd place: Cowboys
4th place: Cougars

C-Team Division
Level 1
1st place: Dragons
2nd place: Wolverines
3rd place: Bearsg47d8909
4th place: Titans

Level 2
1st place: Rams
2nd place: Cougars
3rd place: Steelers
4th place: Spartans

D-Team Division
1st place: Rams
2nd place: Spartans
3rd place: Cowboys
4th place: Cougars