Cheering in Detroit

June 17, 2014

Since the age of nine, Sydney Brown, a current junior at Western Michigan University, has been involved in Detroit PAL’s cheer program. Has a product of Detroit PAL she fell in love with the time and dedication each coach provided to her and she also developed many friendships along the way. As she aged out of our cheer program she decided to volunteer with Detroit PAL as an assistant cheer leading coach for the Eastside Raiders. Now, Sidney is studying Film, Video and Media Studies with a minor in Apparel Merchandising and is an intern at CBS/CW 50 Television and she has once again decided to do a great thing for Detroit PAL. Sidney chose to highlight Detroit PAL’s cheer program on Street Beat, a web exclusive show shown on She interviewed Detroit PAL’s Cheer Commissioner, Glenda Stancil (Coach Pott). In this interview, Coach Pott explained the benefits of enrolling your child into our cheer program and how active our cheer program is throughout the season. Take a look at this five- minute video below.