Detroit PAL Launches Tutoring Pilot Program

February 6, 2015

When you think of Detroit PAL football, baseball and even cheer leading may pop into your head, but Detroit PAL goes beyond that. Being a part of Detroit PAL is much more than scoring points, winning championships and high kicks, it’s about layers of development. Layers such as discipline, leadership, and educational improvement are what PAL focuses on. With these layers in mind Detroit PAL and The Skillman Foundations Youth Development Alliance are launching a pilot tutoring program that will provide personalized tutoring for PAL athletes. The tutors will be from Math Savvy Institue. Players will be tested in core areas, such as math, science and reading. After results are gathered players will then be placed with a tutor in a group of no more than five players to a tutor.
The pilot will take place in the Osborn neighborhood, with the Detroit PAL house basketball team, The Lakers (ages 14 and under) and Coach John Johnson. This school was picked because of Coach Johnson’s commitment to the overall development of his players. “I suggested the Lakers because Coach Johnson is committed to his players and is always interested in making his players well rounded individuals” said Associate Athletic Director Chris Clough.
The program will start in February and go on during the 10 weeks of the house basketball season. There will be two sessions per week, one on practice day at the Matrix Center and one on the day of games at Denby High School or Michigan Technical Academy. “The schedule works out perfect, the students are already here and ready to learn,” said Coach Johnson.
Detroit PAL and The Skillman Foundation are committed to improving the lives of Detroit’s youth, not only in the present but to help their future be as bright as possible. The launch of the tutoring program allows for PAL athletes to excel in multiple ways.