Detroit PAL Runs in Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon

December 1, 2014

On your mark… get set…go! And go they did at the 2014 Free Press/ Talmer Bank Marathon on October 19.  In addition to the thousands in attendance for the marathon, Detroit PAL staff and volunteers showed their support for this exciting event.

The marathon began at 7: oo AM and your placement in the race depended on your projected pace. The marathon course offered international attraction by crossing the border at both the Ambassador Bridge and Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.  Participants had the privilege to run through the historic neighborhoods, around the well known Belle Isle and even the gorgeous River Walk.

In addition to running the marathon for exercise and excitement, Detroit PAL staff entered in the hopes of raising awareness and donations to help further PAL’s mission to build character in young people.  With the support, encouragement and donations of fellow runners, Detroit PAL was successful in raising $8,744 for it’s athletic and leadership program.


Donor Brandon Thomas

28 year old Brandon Thompson, who ran the full- marathon in the Free Press/ Talmer Bank Marathon, was one of the highest fundraisers for Detroit PAL, raising $1,645.  Thompson, who hails from Flint, MI. and now resides in Seattle, saw giving back to Detroit PAL as his personal responsibility.  “You don’t have to go far to find negative headlines about places like Flint and Detroit in today’s media. Telling people where I’m from often comes with sympathetic or joking responses…  So I suppose I’ve had a little chip on my shoulder. With the pride I have for Detroit, not running for Detroit Pal would have seemed wrong.” said Thompson.  In addition to running to show support for Detroit PAL, Thompson enjoys running for the exercise and for sentimental reasons.  “My Grandpa Earl is a veteran runner and marathoner and I like to think that by running I’m kind of carrying the torch onward.” mentioned Thompson.  He was able to successfully finish his first marathon with a time of 3:19:22 and pace of 7:36.   Outside of running Brandon Thompson indulges in acting, theatre, mountaineering, camping, hiking, writing and  playing music, craft beer, cooking and making movies.

Among the other fundraisers supporting Detroit PAL was 29 year old Kate Stiemann from Chicago Il.  Stiemann heard of Detroit PAL through a fellow runner and saw this as her opportunity to support something she believes in.  “I think PAL is a great cause, using sports and athletics to build character in kids.  Creating safe and supportive places for children to play is something I fell is truly important, but I know I took for granted.”  Stiemann, who enjoys the excitement and adrenalin from running, appreciates Detroit PAL’s effort and commitment.  In total Kate raised $500 for Detroit PAL.

Donor Kate Stiemann and friend

Donor Kate Stiemann and friend

33 year old Randal Brown also demonstrated support for Detroit PAL.  Brown who lives close to PAL headquarters, was prompted by  Jonathon Gray, an Assistant U.S. Attorney to run for PAL.  He also ran in loving memory of a friend, ” my friend and mentor, Ken Lewis, was a big supporter of youth baseball. Ken passed away last year from cancer. I thought raising money for Detroit PAL was a way to honor him.”  Brown, who completed the marathon in the top ten percent,  is an example and participant in the positive moves happening in Detroit PAL and Detroit!  Randal was also one of highest fundraisers for PAL, bringing in $1,762!

 “I wanted to choose an organization that was close to home. Many times people focus on international organizations and causes when I know we have so many great opportunities and causes in Michigan.” professed 23 year Kristen Malloure regarding why she chose to donate to Detroit PAL.  Farmington Hills, MI. native Malloure mentioned how sports can play such a huge part in shaping ones life.  She also noted how she enjoys running and other sports to challenge herself and meet goals.  Just a few years ago she questioned if she could complete a half marathon, fast forward a few years and she has successfully run a full marathon! Thanks to Kristen and her fundraising for Detroit PAL, she raised $590!

Donor Randal Brown, wife and children

Donor Randal Brown, wife and children

 Detroit PAL would like to thank and congratulate donors and supporters from the Free Press/Talmer Bank Marahon.  This was surely an unforgettable event and Detroit PAL looks forward to lacing up our shoes for next years race! 

Donor Kristen and friend

Donor Kristen and friend