DNA: Self Esteem Workshop

July 15, 2016

Detroit PAL held another Youth Empowerment Workshop on Saturday, July 9th. This workshop, titled “DNA: Self Esteem” was presented by Mike Sears of Influence the Dream.  The workshop aimed to deal with purpose and the importance of having your own identity. They discussed the advantages of dealing with diversity through a series of exercises and discussions.

Nearly 30 students came to the PAL office to attend this important workshop. They were able to learn that each person’s DNA is what is unique about each person and what separates them from others. No person is supposed to be exactly like anyone else, even celebrities. Therefore, each person carries with them the key to helping the world in their own unique way. A great message to share20160709_102951 with these young students who are entering and beginning their teenage years.

One activity the students completed was solving a jigsaw puzzle. Each of the five groups had to work together to solve it in the least amount of time possible. Once they were finished, the groups realized that all of the puzzles were missing a piece or two. The lesson here is that, like puzzle pieces, not everyone is going to fit in everywhere. Everyone must do what they are meant to do and they cannot make themselves fit in where they do not belong. It also shows them that life is full of obstacles, but you can overcome them with assistance or by thinking outside the box.

These monthly workshops are very important and we love sharing these concepts with our young student athletes. Our next workshop will take place on July 30th from 10am – 12pm and will focus on college education. You can sign up for the workshop here.