Equipment Donations Make a Big Difference!

November 22, 2016

Detroit PAL is a non-profit organization that serves more than 12,000 kids each year. Fortunately, PAL receives assistance from 1,800 volunteers and supporters who make monetary donations and in-kind equipment donations. Over the last few years, many individuals and groups have worked to collect equipment for PAL’s kids, including Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah Project and Kleats 4 Kids.

Recently, Lawimg_0640rence Steinhauer won a baseball glove in a Facebook giveaway from Rico Gloves, a small custom glove maker. Lawrence thought the best idea for this glove would be to donate it to a deserving kid!

Kenneth Gardner, the father of his son’s teammate, had a connection with Detroit PAL. He steered Lawrence to PAL’s athletic department. PAL found a very deserving young man to receive this glove!

From there, Lawrence was able to speak to the PAL team further about equipment donations and the importance of the donations to the kids in Detroit. Detroit PAL has equipmimg_0642ent drives where coaches and participants can come and get free equipment for their programs. This helps PAL ensure that no child is unable to participate because of lack of equipment. Donated items usually include cleats, baseball gloves, bats, soccer balls, footballs, and more.

This first donation for Lawrence has now turned into so much more! He will be spending the next few months discussing donations with his son’s high school team and summer team. His goal is that every player on those two teams would be able to donate bats, gloves, or even baseball pants and helmets.

Thank you, Lawrence, for the donation and your support of Detroit PAL’s kids!

For more information on equipment donations, please click here.