Etiquette Training Class

May 19, 2015

Detroit PAL is always trying to come up with ways that we can reach beyond sports to grow and teach the young people in the city of Detroit. Recently, as a part of the girls’ initiative, we held an etiquette training class and dinner.

IMG_0077The course was run by Jacqueline Baker, founder and principal consultant at Scarlett Communications. She returned to PAL to teach the course for the second straight year. “Our main goal is to instill confidence in young ladies so they understand what is appropriate in certain settings and what isn’t,” Jacqueline said of the class. Scarlett Communications teaches etiquette all over the country to youth, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and athletes.

LaTonya Dortch brought her daughter and two nieces to the event. “I hope they get reinforcement of what I have been teaching them about respecting themselves and respecting other people,” said LaTonya.

The main focus of the class was learning about acceptable behavior. Jacqueline taught the girls how to give a proper handshake, why they should make eye contact, and how to refrain from using words such as “um” and “like” when deciding what to say. The girls then discussed what kinds of behaviors are acceptable in different situations, including school, interviews, and hanging out with your friends.

Tiarra Matthews, a 6th grade student at DEPSA was able to meet new people at the class and learn many new things. “I learned IMG_0063important things like where you should place a name tag and how to give a good handshake,” Tiarra recalled.

The girls were then taught about dining etiquette. They learned how to place their IMG_0123napkin, how to set a proper place setting at a table, and even how to properly cut their meat when dining.

The Detroit PAL girls had a great time at the event and were able to learn many valuable lessons on how to act, dress, and eat in varying situations. Thank you to Ramona Cox, our athletic director who planned the event, and to Scarlett Communications for coming to teach our young ladies.