Fresh Nation Partners with PAL

August 8, 2017

Fresh Nation, a program that helps the youth in grades 6-12 prepare for internships, college credits, career and professional development opportunities, partnered with PAL to host a 6-week program for student-athletes affiliated with PAL sports. The purpose of this program with PAL was to expose young athletes to broadcast announcing. Founder Delvis Nixon, along with PAL Director of Youth Engagement, Dana Cooper and Community Relations Officer Marcus Norwood, assembled every Saturday from 9-11 a.m. at the PAL headquarters to teach students the fundamentals of Public Address (P.A.) announcing in baseball. Students viewed interactive videos and PowerPoints to learn about the game of baseball and they were also given small tasks and assignments to complete to practice the techniques learned through Mr. Nixon.

“Fresh Nation provided a great program. I learned how to speak at the right level, how to have posture when sitting up and I learned how to echo my voice so everyone hears me clearly. On my first week I thought we were only going to learn about baseball, but it was more than baseball,” said student participant Kyzel Stevenson as he describes his experience in the Fresh Nation camp.

Some of the interactive lessons that students engaged in included creating short scripts and presenting the scripts in front of each other. In the midst of the interactive lessons, students competed for various prizes such as cash, gift cards and Fresh Nation apparel. In the fourth week of the program, students were transported to a little league baseball game to receive hands-on training utilizing the skills they learned prior to this trip. The program concluded with a competition were the students combined all of the components taught to them and presented a script as well and Public Service Announcements in front of three judges. Students were judged on voice reaction, voice clarity, volume, excitement and execution. Although all of the students were winners in this competition through PAL’s motto of “building character in young people,” Kyzel Stevenson was named runner-up and Lea Caldwell placed first overall based on their overall performance and the judge’s scores.

“I’ve spent over 23 years working with Presence Magazine, iHeart Media, Radio One and CBS broadcasting groups but none of my many accomplishments compares to the gratification I receive while teaching Detroit PAL youth public speaking and sports announcing skills,” said Delvis Nixon, “My Fresh Nation training team saw many transformations with the PAL youth trainees during our pilot program. I look forward to continuing what we started this coming fall and beyond.”

For more information, visit the Fresh Nation website at or visit the PAL website at

Check out this clip of the final contest of the program!


Article written by Monique Mansfield.