Girls Basketball in the Heart of Detroit

September 29, 2014

Detroit PAL and Opportunity Detroit have once again partnered to host exhibition basketball showcases in the heart of downtown Detroit at Campus Martius Park on Saturday, September 27th. We are expected to have another round of games for the boys school program on October 4th.
Detroit PAL’s basketball teams played 3 vs. 3 half-court basketball games in the paramount vision of Opportunity Detroit to rebuild downtown and create more programming catered to families and activities for children. The showcase featured Detroit PAL’s girls basketball program. The basketball teams included two class age divisions: 5th and 6th graders (JV) and 7th and 8th graders (Varsity) made up of various middle school teams who partner with Detroit PAL. The divisions also competed in a series of games that lasted from 1-3 p.m. Detroit PAL’s junior varsity and varsity teams displayed their skills on the basketball court in front of families and friends to came out to support the festivities.
Girls Basketball Tournament“This was a really good experience and good exposure for the girls” said Ramona Cox, Associate Athletic Director at Detroit PAL.  Cox, who experienced excitement for the girls, also celebrated her first game as head of the Girls basketball program. Cox also noted, “It was exciting, they were very aggressive and played hard. Overall the feedback from them was that they had a good time.”
The basketball tournament not only showcased some of Detroit’s talented female athlete’s, but spotlighted just a few of the positive events happening in Detroit. Coaches and players as well as surrounding communities and businesses have an opportunity to contribute to something productive and memorable.  We can assume that the boys tournament will be as exciting and unforgettable.

Join us October 4th for the boys basketball tournament, as Detroit PAL and Opportunity Detroit continue to display and uplift the city and its amazing youth!