Girls Empowerment Workshop

October 8, 2015

The 3rd Annual Girls Empowerment Workshop took place on September 19th at the Chrysler Plant in Warren. The workshop provided the opportunity for 75 young girls to tour the plant and learn valuable advice from guest speakers.

The workshop was aimed at providing our young ladies with two things: an empowering message on the importance of setting goals and persevering through adversity and an opportunity to shape their future based on what they have a personal interest in. “We wanted them to feel confident dreaming big and setting lofty, yet attainable goals,” said Dana Cooper, Manager of Youth Enrichment at Detroit PAL, “The girls had a chance to hear from one of our alumni that is an industrial engineer and professional athlete. In addition, they were asked to create a vision board. As a result, they walked away feeling much more confident about their future, having tools by which they can refer to when their goals or dreams seem unattainable.”

The Detroit PAL Alumnus serving as the guest speaker for the afternoon was Tamarah Riley. Tamarah talked to the girls about the challenges she facWTAP 100ed being an engineer and a professional athlete. Her goal for the day was for the girls to realize that they must set their own goals and in order to achieve them, they must be ready to overcome challenges and obstacles along the way.

“Programs like girls empowerment are important for girls of all ages,” said Tamarah, “Many times, girls are faced with expectations that may differ from their personal views and goals for themselves. It is important for girls to see past the ‘norm’ and past the media trends to see that their options are limitless.”

After spending time listening to the wise words of Tamarah Riley, the girls were given a tour of the Chrysler plant and created their own vision boards. Vision boards are a great way for the girls to show their goals and dreams for the future and to visualize how they are going to work to achieve them.

The girls had a great time at the event and were able to walk away with a new knowledge and respect for theirWTAP 114 goals and for each other. “I learned to be respectful and to carry myself as a young, powerful woman and to have confidence,” said one young participant.

“The workshop was great and we look forward to offering it every year for our young ladies,” said Dana, “It is vital that they feel empowered and appreciated!”

To view more pictures from the event, click here.