Goal Detroit Opening Day

September 29, 2014

Goal Detroit, Mayor Duggan’s Elementary School Soccer League facilitated by Detroit PAL launched last Saturday, September 27th at two locations. Ohair and Dingham Park was home for approximately 700 students from 44 teams representing 15 Detroit Public Schools and charter elementary schools across Detroit.

“Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports but until now, Detroit students largely have not had the same opportunity to participate in it,” Mayor Duggan said. “Team sports in general are great fun and exercise, but they also help build self confidence and develop teamwork and leadership skills,” Mayor Duggan added.

Boys and girls ranging from 5 to 11 in age took to the soccer fields to enjoy great games of soccer. Weekly games will be held through November.

“Detroit PAL is thrilled to team up with the Mayor and elementary schools across Detroit to provide this awesome new soccer league for boys and girls.” Said Tim Richey, CEO of Detroit PAL “With the Mayor’s help, Detroit PAL will continue to serve more and more kids in quality after-school athletic programs designed to build character and self-esteem.”

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