It Takes Something Special to be a Detroit PAL Coach

May 1, 2015

Detroit PAL has some of the best coaches around. Each one of our coaches volunteers their time and efforts in order to make sure these kids have mentors to teach them not only about sports, but also about character, leadership, and teamwork.

Coach West5One of Detroit PAL’s boy’s basketball coaches is Coach Fallyn West. Fallyn is the head coach of the Bradford Academy Boy’s School Basketball Varsity team. Fallyn is also one of only three female coaches in the boy’s basketball program. She never once let that hold her back! “I have never been taught to look at my gender as an advantage or disadvantage,” said Fallyn, “thus women are capable of coaching boys and men.”

Coach Fallyn West has been coaching for since 2008 and has been involved with Detroit PAL since 2014.  Her favorite part about being a coach is being able to teach her athletes life lessons that will help them be successful while she has their attention with sports. Her main lessons to her athletes are:

Take one step at a time
Don’t give up
Hard work
Life isn’t always fair

Fallyn sites that integrity is the most important lesson her athletes can posses. She stated that, “Integrity is the core quality of a happy life, whether it be on the court or off.”

The Bradford Academy Varsity team went undefeated in the West Side B League for the 2015 season. They came in second west1place at the Boy’s Basketball Championships to University Prep. “If we had to lose, I am glad it was to a team with such decorum and sportsmanship,” Fallyn said of the championships, “It was a great game.”

Coach Fallyn West is a great role model to young girls everywhere. She is not letting her gender get in the way of doing what she loves; coach. Detroit PAL is honored to have great coaches, like Fallyn, who are true role models for our young athletes. “I don’t think I could be a part of a better organization,” said Fallyn, “PAL is by far the best organization I have been a part of because they care so deeply for the kids and their families.”