LoveTrain Coach Ronald Bailey

May 30, 2014

For more than 40 years Coach Ronald Bailey committed his life to youth development within the city of Detroit.  Beginning in Baseball and Basketball, Bailey soon tapered his efforts in hopes of reaching gender equality within athletic organizations. Turning his attention to softball, he quickly became a staple within PAL female athletics.

Ron’s LoveTrain softball teams begin teaching young females the fundamentals of the game at the age of eight. Coaching teams from three different age groups, over the years Bailey helped many of his athletes graduate from the program and move up to the collegiate ranks. Leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork make up the platform from which he based his mentoring, creating what he referred to as “a safe and clean environment for girls to develop”.

A graduate of Northeastern High School, Bailey competed in Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track. The Detroit, MI native began as a longtime local radio DJ, before moving into coaching and athletics. While on-air one evening, Bailey received a mix-tape entitled LoveTrain. The song, messages and content associated with such label was something he would carry with him into the athletic world. “I teach how to get along with one another and how to respect people”.

On May 29, 2014, the LoveTrain organization lost one of the most influential leadership figures in youth athletics. As a beloved member of the Detroit PAL family, Coach Ronald Bailey leaves behind a legacy of dedication and commitment to equal opportunity. His passion and enthusiasm stand as a benchmark for all of those blessed with leadership roles in society today.

“They don’t get to play on the nice fields, it’s always for the boys, I decided to dedicate myself and surround myself with great coaches, to really do something for our girls”

Coach Ronald Bailey