“It Feels Good to Help People”

June 20, 2014

The paths of which many athletes follow are often most clearly observed and guided by those surrounding the individual. And for that reason, it is not uncommon to see accomplished athletes give back and support their respective sport organizations after their moment in the spotlight has passed.

For seventh grader Max Levitsky, simply experiencing the game of baseball was enough for him to understand the true importance of giving back to the game. Approaching his 13th birthday, he would begin his Bat Mitzvah Project, a humanitarian effort to benefit members within his community.


“Well, I really love sports” said Max, “I thought that donating to sports would be a really cool idea for the project”. So he took to  the web, and via email, contacted several members of the community with his idea.

His request was simple, to give all kids the opportunity to enjoy the sport that he loves so much. “I sent out emails asking about  baseball equipment that could possibly be donated”.

Max would soon have a flooded inbox – full of responses within the first 24 hours. “They just kept coming in” he said, “It really  made me feel good.” Members of the community rallied around Max’s efforts and soon began to fill their front yards with baseball bats, equipment bags, gloves, helmets, shoes, and of course, baseballs.

Within six days Max had amassed a truck full of gently used equipment and accessories in which he donated to Detroit PAL Diamond Sports Program comprised of T-ball, coach pitch, baseball and softball leagues. Items valued at an estimated $800, Max has helped provide Detroit PAL youth athletes with the appropriate foundation for a true baseball experience.

Max’s generosity stretched as far as to physically canvassing the neighborhood for possible donations of any kind. In total, his fundraising efforts raised approximately $1,000 for PAL Athletics, in equipment and donations.

This type of selflessness shown at such a young age is a shining example of what youth organized sports are all about. Being able to truly grasp any moments of athletic accomplishment – or satisfaction, can be very difficult for some athletes. For Max, accomplishing this goal for his fellow youth sports hopefuls brings him an admirable, personal satisfaction.

“It feels good to help people that maybe can’t afford to buy new equipment , now hopefully they can try playing a really, really fun sport.”
– Max Levitsky