Rob Sims, Dominic Raiola support concussion program for PAL

October 3, 2016

Former Detroit Lions offensive linemen Rob Sims and Dominic Raiola recently gave a $100,000 gift to Beaumont Health’s concussion awareness program to benefit Detroit PAL’s football players.

Beaumont’s neuroscience team will provide concussion awareness and education to Detroit PAL football and cheer participants, ages 6-14, for five years. It includes education for coaches and trainers as well.

“Football related concussions are very real to me and Dominic. A lot of people don’t know they can be dangerous for kids, too. It can be overlooked. After hearing about Beaumon_trs0912-x2t’s Concussion Health Awareness and Management Program and meeting with them, I was impressed,” said Rob Sims, “I saw an opportunity to enhance the PAL football program. I want it to be the best in the country. We’re hopeful our gift will create greater awareness among players, parents, and coaches, resulting in fewer concussions.”

Detroit PAL is excited to partner with Beaumont to help keep our football and cheer participants safe and avoid concussions. We are extremely appreciative of the generous gift from Rob Sims and Dominic Raoila. Their generosity will increase safety and awareness for our football and cheer programs for years to come.

Check out this great article from the Oakland Press about the donation.