School Basketball All Star Game

March 17, 2016

The Boys School Basketball All Star Game was held on Saturday, March 12. Boys from schools all throughout Detroit were there to show off their skills, work together with new teammates and show their friends and family what they could do!

The day started off with the Motor Division, comprised mainly of 5th graders. The Hoopers and Ballers faced off to bring home the championship tIMG_7778rophy. This first game of the day was very exciting for the packed crowd. The Hoopers staged a great comeback and the game ended in a tie. The game’s outcome was decided in overtime, with the Hoopers coming out on top with a score of 29-26. The half-time skills competition was a three-point contest. The 5th graders shocked everyone by making so many shots! Jaden Miller won the contest by making 8 three-point shots in one minute.

Next up was the JV Division. The JV East faced off against the JV West. The west side came out victorious, but the east side put up a good fight. The skills competition was won by Sam’veon Johnson, who made 5 three-pointers in one minute. Immediately following the JV gameIMG_8076 came the Varsity B Division. Again, the game was the east side vs. the west side. Frederick Garland won the three-point contest, making 7 in under a minute. The game was tight up until the very end, but the west side pulled ahead and won 51-39.

During half-time of the Varsity B Division, Detroit PAL had a “Team Up” presentation. Dana Cooper, Director of Youth Enrichment, introduced the six Detroit Police Officers that have been serving as assistant coaches in the School Basketball Program. Each officer went to center court to present a small gift to the teams they have been working with. The Team Up program is a great addition to every sports program, as it pairsIMG_8138 Detroit Police Officers with PAL teams to create personal connections between kids and officers.

The final game of the day was the Varsity A Division. The Wolverines and Spartans faced off against each other. The half-time skills competition winner was Demarious Knighten. The final game was one of the most exciting of the day. The score was close right up until the end. A last minute foul in a tied-game gave the Wolverines a chance to turn the game in their favor. With only .3 seconds on the clock, the Wolverines made their final play and were able to take home the trophy.

Good job to all of the school basketball players who took part in the All Star Game! The Boys School Basketball Championships will be taking place on Saturday, April 9th.

For pictures from the All Star Game, please click here.