Spotlight on Coaches

September 30, 2015

Often times, great athletes have great coaches to thank. The girls on the 12 and under Southfield Dynasty team have Coach Tylar Tidwell and Coach Kayla Banks to thank. Although both coaches are college students, they manage their schedules to make sure they are there for the girls. Other than just ensuring their school schedules match their softball schedule, Coach Tidwell makes more time for volunteering by cleaning up the community plant gardens and fixing up houses at Ferris State. Coach Banks is motivated to help out as well! “I always love giving back because programs like Detroit PAL paved the way for me as a child,” said Coach Banks, “Most inner city kids don’t get the same opportunities and I believe that gives me more motivation to get up and help.”

Coach TidwTylar1ell has a long history with Detroit PAL, having cheered for the Northwest Cougars as a child and played basketball through PAL. She says the girls keep her coming back to coach. “I enjoy being around them and teaching them the game that I love!” she said.

In addition to practices and games, the Southfield Dynasty team participates in a great deal of extra team activities. With the help of fundraising and awesome parent involvement, the team is able to have practice at batting cages, sleepovers, and even host a parent vs. daughter softball game! “The girls loved the game and thought it was the coolest thing to see their parents and coaches out there playing with them,” said Coach Banks.

These extra activities are a way to get the team to bond together. Team work is one of the most important aspects of the game of softball. Coach Tidwell stated that, “The girls’ teamwork is great! They get along on and off the field.”

In addition to teamwork, both coaches want the girls to learn about trying their hardest and encouraging others to do the same. “I try to teach the girls that trying your best at everything is key!” said Coach Banks, “You should motivate your teammates to want to do better and before every game you should leave your house with confidence!”Tylar2

Lessons go both ways, though. The girls have been able to teach both coaches a great deal about patience and about themselves. “They taught me that every individual is different and what works for one does not always work for all,” said Coach Tidwell, “They’ve taught me to be a better coach and how to adapt my coaching to help each girl succeed.”

Detroit PAL is honored to have more than 1,500 amazing volunteers helping our kids learn and grow in their sports. Coach Tylar Tidwell and Coach Kayla Banks of the Southfield Dynasty are just two examples of great coaches!

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