Travel Volleyball Making Moves

June 24, 2014

Alongside Michigan’s AAU Volleyball season stretching from April to June, Detroit PAL’s overlapping School Volleyball Program continues to act as the most influential stepping stone for young female athletes in the city of Detroit.

By providing a safe and positive environment for more than 350 female participants, our school based volleyball organizations practice fundamental techniques three to four days a week, for nearly 3 months. PAL School Volleyball League’s proactive mentoring approach to youth athletics adapt developmentally by age, skill level and maturation.

School League victors are crowned annually in the month of March, with the 2014 titles going to the Woodbridge Community Youth Center and University Preparatory  Academy, in their respective divisions.

2014-06-01 11.11.18 As League games came to a close, several female athletes in the volleyball program were invited to represent Team Detroit PAL in a  slightly more competitive Travel Volleyball endeavor. Standout School League players are chosen to travel across the state of  Michigan to compete in elite level AAU Travel Volleyball Competitions.

 Many of the 2014 AAU season’s Travel Volleyball tournaments were held in both Dearborn and Flint. As per competition rules,  the select group of athletes chosen were divided in two teams – both of which at the end of the season had qualified for the State  Championships in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Execution and teamwork propelled PAL teams to a number of successful victories,  placing them 15th and 23rd respectively.

After a state champion was awarded the title, administrative staff members began to build a statewide compilation of travel volleyball players from within AAU Volleyball League to represent Team Michigan at the National  level.

2014-06-01 10.47.31

Thanks in large part to the vetted experience and dedication to females in sport, Associate Director of Athletics Dana Cooper has guided the PAL Travel Volleyball Program to the State Finals in three out of only four years of involvement in the competition.

As a result, Dana and a number of the female individual athletes from Team Detroit PAL have been granted the opportunity to represent Team Michigan at the June 2014 AAU Youth National Volleyball Championships, in Orlando, Fl.