USA Volleyball Coach & Player’s Clinic

August 24, 2015

The USA Volleyball Coach & Player’s Clinic, hosted by USA Volleyball, Detroit PAL, and the Lakeshore Region Volleyball Association, took place in May. The clinic was run by John Kessel, Director of Sport Development for USA Volleyball. John has been working with USA Volleyball for over 30 years and has been named one of the 50 most influential people in the sport of volleyball’s history! It was an amazing opportunity for our kids and coaches to learn and train with him.

Over 120 girls participated in the players’ clinic at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit. This included PAL volleyball players and PAL alumni. The girls participated in different drills throughout the day and even had the chance to take in some matches between volleyball professionals.

“I had 13 girls attend Coach Kessel’s camp and they enjoyed themselves and liked how the pace of the drills moved,” said Mary Thedford, Detroit PAL volleyball coach, “The extra special treat for them was watching the professional teams compete!” With the new season starting up this winter, the girls will be able to use their new skills to bring their teams to the next level!

CoachThe coaches’ clinic aimed at refining coaching methods to increase player development through on court instruction. “John Kessel’s visit was especially beneficial for our coaches, even those coaching for decades,” said Michele Lewis Watts, who helped organize the event, “He gave us lots of doable ideas and easy-to-use tools to maximize what is often limited gym space and time for our athletes.”

Derrick Hines, coach for Bates Academy Varsity team for Detroit PAL, was able to attend the clinic and learn new coaching tips from John Kessel. “I learned that it is just as important for players to play 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, and 4 on 4 as it is to play full-team 6 on 6,” said Derrick, “John also advised the coaches to use more progressive best practices during a practice session, rather than continuing to do the same old way all the time.” Derrick plans on taking what he learned at the clinic and applying it to their upcoming season so they can continue to improve and be the best team they can be.

“Partnering with USA Volleyball to provide clinics for our volleyball coaches and players was a greatplayers1 opportunity to grow the game of volleyball in Detroit!” said Ramona Cox, Associate Athletic Director of Volleyball at Detroit PAL. The girls and the coaches had an amazing time and learned a lot of new volleyball skills and coaching methods. According to Michele, “Everyone left excited to implement something new into their programs to help grow the game and further develop our players!”

Thank you to USA Volleyball and John Kessel for giving our volleyball coaches and players the opportunity to attend the USA Volleyball Clinic and learn and grow within the sport!