Wayne State Volleyball Team Volunteers for PAL

March 12, 2015

Our Detroit PAL teams could not be successful without the help of our amazing volunteers. The volleyball team at Wayne State University has been getting a taste of what it’s like to volunteer for PAL. Thirteen players and coaches from Wayne State have been volunteering their time at different sites of PAL volleyball games on the weekends.

The coaching staff atphoto 5 Wayne State was looking for community service opportunities for their athletes and came across Detroit PAL. The volleyball players from Wayne State have been splitting up into groups to volunteer at different sites; taking stats, running the scoreboards, and talking with the girls. Two WSU students, Kelsey Bonewits and Emily Norscia, were volunteering their time at Plymouth Education Center on Saturday, March 7 during a match between the Plymouth Panthers and the Emeralds.

The WSU volunteers took notice of the amount of support and sportsmanship present at the volleyball game. The game started out with a hive five line and a chorus of “Good Luck” from every player. Whether a good hit or a miss, every player got the support of the crowd and the other players. “They have great support for each other,” said Emily, “Even the other team was encouraging.”

Both Kelsey and Emily started playing volleyball at a young age. They understand the importance of being exposed to the sport young and learning about teamwork and sportsmanship. They had a lot of advice to give our young athletes about playing volleyball, working hard in school, and keeping the right frame of mind. “We told the girls to always stay positive and to try not to get frustrated,” said Kelsey, “Our coach always says that frustration inhibits the ability to learn.”

Overall, the volunteer partnership between Detroit PAL and the WSU Volleyball team was beneficial for both sides. The PAL DSCN5355athletes got the opportunity to get advice from successful college athletes and the WSU volleyball players were introduced to Detroit PAL and the amazing kids in the program. “It’s a great program for girls to get into while they’re young, before starting on high school teams,” said Emily, “It was great to see their support for each other out there.”

Thank you so much to all the volunteers from the Wayne State University volleyball team!