Positive Parenting Initiative

The safety of our athletes is Detroit PAL’s number one concern. Our athletic department has created a “Positive Parenting Initiative” to promote safety and encouragement from our amazing parents of athletes. We hope that all parents can read and use this information for the benefit of all of our youth athletes!

Included in this packet is information about being a positive athletic parent. The information included ranges from;

• Sportsmanship
• Parental Support
• What Coaches Need From Parents
• 10 “Do’s and Don’ts”
• Weekly Parent Tips
• Specializing in One Sport
• Nutrition
• Performance Enhancing Drugs
• NCAA Requirements for Eligibility

Learn more: Positive Athletic Parenting Packet

See who’s in! Participation Numbers So Far:

Grand total: 1,473

House Basketball: 340
Girls School Basketball: 227
Boys School Basketball: 493
Baseball: 192
Softball: 76
T-ball: 89
Coach Pitch: 56