Our Advanced Little Hoopers program is underway! It is the next step for our youngest players and focuses on transitioning them from the basic skill building of Little Hoopers to the team-based, competitive 8 & under division.  The curriculum for Advanced Little Hoopers is fast-paced and builds on itself week-to-week using traditional drills, skill competitions and small-sided games.  By the end of the 8 weeks, the kids will be able to play in a 8 & under style game!

Check back weekly for updates on the kids! Pictures can be found here.

Final Week

Monday was the final day for the inaugural session of Advanced Little Hoopers.  The kids did a great job and showed how far they have come in just 8 weeks.  The Michael Jordans finished their season 4-0 but the All Stars played very hard and fought through challenges.

I would like to extend a big thank you to all the parents in the program who have shown great support and to our wonderful volunteer coaches.  This program would not have been a success without you!

Be sure to check out the pictures from the final day and join us again next time.  Little Hoopers and the start of competitive basketball are right around the corner

Week Seven

Last night’s Advanced Little Hoopers session displayed all the progress our kids have made over the past 7 weeks.  The players were re-assessed on their fundamental skills (dribbling, passing, shooting and defense) along with their in-game play.  Each parent received a custom report for their child to compare with the Week 1 assessment along with a consultation with the coach on their child’s development.

Next week is our last week.  The kids will be playing their last game and receiving their awards for the season.  Will the Stars pull out a win?  Join us and find out.

Check out last night’s pictures here.

Week Five

It was another exciting week at Advanced Little Hoopers.  In Week 5, the kids practiced shooting and learned about fouls.

In a free throw contest, Carter D. and Desmond F. represented their teams well.  Desmond came out as the winner, hitting two shots from regulation distance, and both boys took home medals.  The coaches then taught the kids about common fouls and violations.  Traveling, double dribble, reaching, pushing and others were demonstrated.

Game rules were modified this week to include calls for fouls and violations.  The kids still participated in three minute quarters with mandatory rotations so all kids played.  In the end, the Michael Jordan’s came out on top with a score of 4-1 to improve their record to 2-0.

Check back next week and be sure to look at this week’s pictures.

Don’t forget, registration for Little Hoopers for 4-6 year olds is open now!

Week Four

Last night’s Advanced Little Hoopers session was really exciting.  The kids spent the first half of the evening improving their defense.  They worked on man defense and even a little zone.  The majority of the work was done through short, small-sided games to maximize player engagement.

The second half of the evening included the first game between the Michael Jordans and the Detroit Stars.  The teams played 5 on 5, full court in three minute rotations.  The action was exciting and very entertaining as the kids began putting their skills to the test.  Passing, shooting, defense and dribbling are all much more difficult once the clock is running, as our little ones found that out.  The MJs secured their first victory 6-0 but the Stars will be back at it next week to even the score.

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Week Three

Week 3 has come and gone with lots of progress for the Michael Jordans and the Detroit Stars.  The teams worked on rebounding as well as shooting from around the basket and layups.  After some skill and drill work, the kids spent the second half of the session in exciting small-sided games.  The action on the court was great and the kids on the sideline cheered loudly for their teammates until it was their turn to play.

The parents received a Detroit PAL folder this week with handouts regarding the dangers of early sport specialization.  They will receive a new handout each week covering important topics in youth sports.

Please join me in thanking our wonderful volunteer coaches, Bill Thornton, LaQuita Foster, Andre’ Harris, KiJuan Dillard and the many parents who helped out.

I would also like to thank our friends at the Royal Oak Township Recreation Center, Rick Miles and Hiram Harris for their time and support.  You can support their renovation project here.

Next week is the first game between the Michael Jordans and the Detroit Stars!

Week Two

Week 2 at Advanced Little Hoopers was tons of fun for all the little ones involved.  In the first half of the session, the kids worked on their passing skills.  Chest pass!  Bounce pass!  Dribble and pass!  These are fundamental skills needed at all levels of the game.  Next, the kids worked on their defense skills and participated in 1-on-1 mini games of 30 seconds or less.  Finally, we wrapped up with some quick 5-on-5 to put their fundamentals to the test.  We covered a lot in a short time but the kids worked hard and had a great time.

Big thanks to the Royal Oak Township Recreation Center for hosting the program.  You can support the gym here.

Week One

The inaugural season of Advanced Little Hoopers started Monday, October 5.  More than 20 six and seven years olds crowded the Royal Oak Township Recreation Center to work on passing, dribbling, shooting and defense.  The kids all took a skills test to gauge their abilities and they will take a post test at the end to see how much they’ve improved.  After the skills tests were complete, the kids we split into two teams and tasked with picking their team name.  The player’s chose the Detroit Stars and The Michael Jordan’s.  We look forward to seeing the Stars and Jordans squaring off in Week 4.  The teams ended the session by coming together to shake hands, a hallmark of Detroit PAL programming.  Next week starts small-sided games!

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