Youth Enrichment

Skillman Programs

Detroit PAL works in partnership with the Skillman Foundation to provide quality programs in Skillman Good Neighborhoods. Recruitment is focused in these neighborhoods through our main sports programs. In addition, Detroit PAL has also offered softball Camps in Osborn, along with t-ball and Coach Pitch programs in Cody Rouge, Southwest Detroit, and Northend Central Woodward. Detroit PAL helped organize a basketball program in conjunction with the Southwest Detroit Athletic League.  New efforts continue, especially for 11-18 year olds that help youth achieve academically, connect to quality mentors & resources, and thrive in their present programs and future aspirations.

UWSEM High School Programs

Detroit PAL works in partnership with the United Way of Southeastern Michigan to improve high school graduation rates by providing unique sports opportunities for high school students. Detroit PAL launched a wrestling program at Central Collegiate Academy in the 2013-2014 school year. We also worked with Harper Woods High School to develop a swimming program that provides training and competitive opportunities. The swimming program has also included lifeguard training for participants to assist with summer employment.

PAL Summer Camps with the Detroit Police Department

In 2013, Detroit PAL worked with the Detroit Police Department to provide four summer camps for middle school students. The camps provided mentors, including law enforcement personnel, that helped educate youth on gang resistance, alternatives to violence and understanding the role of police officers. The camps, which were held in schools, also provided exposure to a variety of different sports that PAL offers throughout the year. One goal of these camps was to encourage youth to enroll in future leagues, in order to learn valuable life lessons through sport.