Goal Detroit Soccer League

In partnership with the Detroit Mayor’s Office, The Goal Detroit Soccer League is an elementary school soccer program coordinated through Detroit PAL to provide children the resources to build character, fitness and exercise, enjoy the outdoors, learn teamwork and to have fun. This is a elementary school based program that will run on Saturdays during the Spring. There is no individual registration, but schools interested can register as a team by providing the following:

Team Manager to serve as a contact person (this can also be the coach)

Practice Space

Coach (this can also be the team manager)

Registration Fee for team (The Mayor’s Office pays half of the registration fee!)

$250 for 1st & 2nd Grade teams – You only pay $125

$350 for 3rd & 4th Grade teams – You only pay $175

$350 for 5th Grade teams – You only pay $175

Children will be provided uniforms (jersey, shorts & socks) and shins guards. Soccer Cleats are optional; however, players have better traction on the field. If you purchase cleats, THEY MUST BE SOCCER CLEATS not baseball or football cleats. ALL GAMES will be played on Saturdays at a field located near your school. The number of practices per week will be determined by your coach and practices will be at your school.

Team Structure and number of games per team

1st & 2nd grade teams combined play 7 v 7 with 6 games and no play-offs (maximum 14 players)

3rd & 4th grade teams combined play 8 v 8 with 5 games plus play-offs (maximum 16 players)

5th grade teams play 8 v 8 with 5 games plus play-offs (maximum 16 players)


For more information on concussions, please take a look at this Concussion Fact Sheet.