09 Mar 2018

Alana Mensah

Alana Mensah is a 9th grader at University High School Academy. She played PAL recreational volleyball for two years and is now playing in the travel volleyball program.

“Detroit PAL was Alana’s introduction to volleyball back in the sixth grade,” said Monique Mensah, Alana’s mother, “I watched her fall in love with volleyball and gain confidence and a competitive spirit that I had never seen in her before.”

Alana loves to play volleyball and be a part of a team. Her and her teammates work together to help each other become better players. They help her work on areas she needs help in, and she helps her teammates in return. The entire team also supports each other and encourages everyone to always do their best! Working together as a team helped her team to a second-place finish when she was in eighth grade! Even though the team didn’t win the championship, Alana was still very proud of herself and her teamunnamed (1) for working so hard and giving it their best shot!

“The most important lesson my coach taught me was that I have to work hard to get where I want and everything won’t be easy all the time,” said Alana, “I will be challenged, but I have to put forth the effort to reach my goal.”

Hard work is something Alana knows all about. In addition to playing volleyball, Alana is a straight-A student at school, a member of the National Junior Honor Society, and is involved in the Class of 2020 Board of Education. She knows the importance of her hard work at school, as it will help her get into college and be successful throughout her life. Alana’s favorite subject in school is Geometry and her goal is to be a general surgeon one day.

“Alana has always been a straight-A student,” said Monique, “She manages her schoolwork and sports on her own. She makes sure her work is done before the deadline, even on practice and game days, and she still has enough energy to give it her all on the court!”

Alana is doing an amazing job, on and off the court! Keep up the great work!

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