09 Mar 2018

Anitra Moore

Detroit PAL not only keeps student athletes busy and out of trouble doing something they enjoy, it also teaches them discipline and respect. This is an organization where you are not going to speak to the officers, coaches and staff in a disrespectful fashion. You are expected to show intelligence, home training and respect. These are major keys, especially when communicating back and forth with different college coaches and recruiters.  If you cannot show respect, intelligence, and self pride along with skill on the court, then you are not going to fit into their program.

I personally traveled with the Detroit PAL basketball team two years in a row, 2007 and 2008. It was an experience I will never forget. I also happened to be captain both years! That was a great leadership experience, so if I ever have to step up at the college level I will have that under my belt. The first year we went to Kansas City, Missouri.  This was the best year because we brought home the first place championship trophy. We won a very physical, tough game against a team from Philadelphia. It was a very emotional game, lots of tears were shared, but in the end we showed sportsmanship by shaking their  hands and even hugging  some of the girls from that team. That was also one of the best games of my career. The win was announced on the Steve Harvey Morning Show (nationally syndicated radio show) and on all kinds of radio stations throughout Detroit. We went to a Detroit Pistons game and at center court before the game began, each one of our names were called in front of everyone. That was the greatest honor ever!

Detroit PAL has helped me gain leadership skills, traveling experience, playing under tough competition and many other life lessons.  I would recommend anyone who loves the game and is willing to learn and grow, physically and mentally, to become a part of this program.  I loved every moment of it and these experiences will always be among my favorite memories!

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