09 Mar 2018

Bria Mosby

Bria Mosby is an 18-year-old student athlete who just began her freshman year at Howard University. In addition to being a Detroit PAL golf player this past year, Bria was also a hard-working student who graduated in the top 10% of her class at Renaissance High School!

Bria spent the summer after graduation playing golf with PAL. Her coaches, Coach Joe and Coach Kyle, taught her to never give up. Even when her swing wasn’t always where it should be, they helped her work on it and know that everything will fall into place.

“Bria’s involvement in PAL has been a positive sign of her overall growth,” said her parents, Brian and Mary Mosby, “Allowing herself the opportunity to try new things that take her out of her comfort zone. Bria has shown more drive, determination, and more emotional expression since becoming involved.”

In addition to playing golf, Bria was also part of the Michigan State University Spartan Club, Build On Community Service, National Society of High School Scholars, National Honor Society, and Southfield AKATeens. However, her busy schedule didn’t keep her from her school work!

IMG_0907“I was able to prioritize my time to the point where I was able to accommodate for everything I needed and wanted to do,” said Bria, “School is important to me because it keeps me looking forward to something new. Graduating with honors made me realize that graduating high school was just the beginning and in order to continue being an honor, I need to keep working hard to get where I want later in life.”

At Howard University, Bria will be majoring in computer information systems and take supply chain management electives. After college, she plans on having a career in business, either running her own business or working towards being a top executive in a high-ranking business firm.

We have no doubt that the sky is the limit for Bria! Keep up the great work!

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