02 Nov 2017

Coach Brian Autry

Coach Brian Autry of David Ellis Academy-West has been coaching for PAL since 2011. Coach Autry got started in coaching because he noticed a lack of positive male role models and athletic opportunities for elementary-aged kids.

“My favorite part about coaching is molding children,” said Coach Autry, “I feel that through children, you can change the world.”

His team is like a family. He creates a family atmosphere with all of his players to make sure everyone knows that they are more than just teammates. In addition to creating a family atmosphere, Coach Autry teaches the importance of teamwork by showing his plafb_img_1478014011824yers that when they work together, it will increase their chances of getting the desired results. Working together as a team is better than working alone!

To help keep his players engaged, Brian keeps practices interesting by doing activities that are both competitive and fun. He noted that all of his athletes focus on schools and are normally great with their grades!

This was a great season for the David Ellis Academy-West team. Coach Autry stated that all of his players improved throughout the season, as a player and as a person. His greatest success as a coach was winning the Boys JV Championships in 2012 with an undefeated season of 16-0 and then again in 2015 with a 15-0 record.

In addition to coaching, Brian also works full-time at Beaumont Hospital and coaches 10 and under travel basketball. He spends his daytime hours coaching and works the midnight shift. What a crazy schedule for this great coach!

Congratulations, Coach Autry, on a great season and keep up the great work!

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