08 Mar 2018

Coach Camilla Nelson

Sometimes reading bulletin boards at school can change your life. For Camilla Nelson it did. Three years ago, when she was a graduate student at Wayne State University, she ran across a flyer about Detroit PAL’s Soccer for Success program. She applied and got the job! Camilla was no stranger to Detroit PAL; having grown up in Detroit and played against some of their players. Nelson played sports when she was younger; her first sport was soccer, followed by basketball and track.

One reason that the PAL posting stood out to her was because of her background and degree. She received her Bachelors and Masters in Kinesiology, which is the study of human movement and  how physical activity influences life. Another reason that she was interested in the posting was the objective of the program. The fact that it’s not only about learning the game but being educated about nutrition, health and applying what they learn to their life.

Nelson was mentored by Karla Ramos, an established coach at Roberto Clemente Learning Academy. “Karla showed me the ropes when I first started. She explained to me how it all works,” Nelson recalled. Nelson started coaching at Roberto Clemente and is now the coach at Old Redford Academy

“Camilla brings a high level of energy and expertise to our program. She does an excellent job  developing a rapport with her students and is able to impact their lives both on and off the field,” said Detroit PAL’s Associate Athletic Director, Brandon Scott.

“I want my players to use this program to help them learn life skills,” said Camilla, “like the importance of nutrition and physical activity, leadership and sportsmanship, and social skills.”

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