08 Mar 2018

Coach Chavell Crofford

Coach Chavell Crofford has been coaching Detroit’s youth for more than 10 years through Detroit PAL’s programs. Currently, Coach Crofford is the coach for the Motorcity Living Legends basketball team. The team has been having a great 2016 season, with three of their age divisions making it to the final four of the playoffs. They succeed by working together as a team and staying accountable.

“We create a culture of accountability,” said Coach Crofford, “Players are not only accountable to the coaches, but to their teammates and ultimately the community.” The entire community comes together to make the team have a family atmosphere. Everyone cares about all of the players and the families involved with the team.

Coach Crofford makes sure to treat all players equally. This includes teaching all players the same basketball skills, no matter what skill level the players are at. It allows each player to feel included and creates a culture where each player is happy for his/her teammates success as they improve.

The Motorcity Living Legends may be having a successful 2016 season, but it was not always like that. In their first season, 10 years ago, the team struggled in the league. It took a lot of hard work and perseverance for them to get where they are today. Coach Crofford noted that he has many players who worked hard and are now college students and productive members of society. This includes his own three sons, who came up in the program. Two of his sons have even went through training to become assistant coaches for several seasons and are now playing college basketball for University of Michigan and Adrian College. The team has come a long way in 10 short years!Screenshot_2016-04-09-23-24-46

The Motorcity Living Legends are very lucky to have a coach like Coach Crofford! In addition to coaching for Detroit PAL, Coach Crofford also runs a media services company that does audio and visual production as well as some web design. No matter how busy he is, Coach Crofford always makes time for his team and the kids of Detroit!

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