08 Mar 2018

Coach Christine Norton

Being a medical student is very difficult and time-consuming. If being a third year medical student at Wayne State University wasn’t hard enough, Christine Norton also chooses to volunteer her little free time to coach girls and boys Little Hoopers, Little Kickers, and Tball!

“It is truly a privilege to watch the kids learn and grow,” said Christine, “They have taught me the importance of being in the moment and laughing along the way, which are values that our society seems to have lost.”

Christine works primarily with the younger kids, between ages of 4 -7. With participants this young, it is really important to focus on creating a IMG_1248fun environment that teaches the kids about teamwork from the start. For Christine’s teams, she likes to lead by example. She chooses drills and games that require the kids to work together and explains why having and using your teammates is so important to the game. She also makes sure to praise kids for passing and assisting their teammates during games and drills so they understand that it is a positive action.

Her coaching style and lessons on teamwork have definitely paid off. One young athlete of hers has been playing on her team for 3 years now. During this past season, Christine noted that this young girl was passing to her teammates, working with tIMG_1175he younger kids, and giving her team great opportunities to shine instead of stealing the ball and shooting every chance since she was more advanced. “I shared with her how proud I was and thanked her for being such a team player,” said Christine. “It was an amazing moment and made me realize that we truly can make a difference as coaches!”

As the girl’s Little Hoopers season came to an end, the team was able to play a game for their last session! The team was able to successfully play the game, with many girls scoring, making assists, dribbling well, and some of the younger players were demonstrating their first grasp of the game. What an accomplishment for such young players!

“I am excited to coach for Detroit PAL because of their focus on teaching leadership, teamwork, and character through sports. They focus on shaping the kids into successful individuals with character instead of focusing on winning and that is what I love!” said Christine. However, PAL would not be able to focus on these important issues without the help of our amazing volunteer coaches like Coach Christine Norton!

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