08 Mar 2018

Coach Douglas Brigham

Coach Douglas Brigham has created a “soccer buzz” at Palmer Park Preparatory Academy . Over twenty years in Detroit public school athletics forced visions upon Douglas of a more comprehensive guide to youth development. Coaching football and basketball in Detroit for more than 10 years respectively, his passion for mentorship and health awareness have evolved over time – in large part brought fourth by major deficiencies in other competitive sports programming.

The former high school athlete refers to youth teams as “sponges”, and admits mentoring takes time. That’s why he stands by regimented recreational programs. “It’s all about the kids, the ‘wins and losses’ thing, I didn’t want to go back there.”

Reaping benefits of sports at a young age, Douglas speaks to the importance of role models and proper guidance. He works everyday to ensure that his kids are offered the best of both. “Life lessons, this is something they will take far beyond the sports, far into their lives, and I wanted to be a part of that”.

Through Detroit PAL programs, Douglas‘ application of mentoring and a nutritional outline this season has impacted youth at Palmer Park and across the city. “In the hallway kids are saying the same things to me that I tell them on the field” said Douglas. He notes that his players have subconsciously adopted a progression model; carrying acquired knowledge from him and often refer to content from previous seasons.

As a health enthusiast, he sees substantial changes in both his players and himself. Witnessing on-and-off field personal transformations left Brigham saying, “wow, is that really them?”. He himself has lost fifteen pounds following a basic nutritional guide.

With his core personal passion resting in mentorship, he speaks highly of the practice and does not take his participation for granted. His dedication and discipline have resulted in young athletes with growing aspirations. “We have really taken off, not just skill level, but the overall personalities of all of our players.”

“Everyone is crazy about soccer” said Douglas. So much so, Palmer Park Preparatory students have been inspired to plan their own recreational gatherings while in between soccer seasons.

“Just making them more conscious of their health, seeing that stick in their minds, that’s the most gratifying thing of all.“

– Coach Douglas Brigham, Palmer Park Prep Lions

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