08 Mar 2018

Coach Gene Hutchins

The House Basketball program at Detroit PAL is full of amazing coaches who go above and beyond for the kids in Detroit. One such coach is Gene Hutchins of the Diamondbacks on the east side.

“He is an excellent coach, patient and disciplined.  He’s willing to work with any child and he believes in them, helping them reach their potential,” said Chris Clough, Associate Athletic Director of basketball, “More than anything, Gene gives of himself, perhaps more than he should.”

Gene has been coaching for two years and volunteering with the team for two more. He keeps up with his coaching responsibilities, a full-time job, and a landscaping business on the side! He credits his wife and daughter for helping him keep up with everything and helping him coach!

Gene’s favorite part about being a mentor is working with the kids to develop their skills and talents on and off the field. “I try to teach them to have a positive attitude at all times,” said Gene, “I also teach them to have a winning attitude whether they win or lose.”

The season is coming up soon, and Gene hopes to continue to teach his athletes to respect the game of basketball and stay positive. He hopes they continue to work together as a team and appreciate the need to stick together. Gene really cares about all of his athletes and has a lot of compassion in his coaching.

Although Gene has taught his athletes a lot, he stated that “The kids have taught me how to be patient, understanding, and appreciative.”

Sounds the Diamondbacks are a hard-working team and will be ready for the new season!

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