08 Mar 2018

Coach Harry Carvalho

Coach Harry Carvalho has been with Detroit PAL since 2007. Born in Jamaica, Harry has played soccer all of his life. It just made sense to him to help pass along his knowledge of the game to the youth in the city. Currently, Harry is coaching the Thunder’s 10 and under and 12 and under teams. Since his start with Detroit PAL, his teams have won 6 championships!

Coach Harry is the coach that is always willing to help out off the field. He helps his athletes with their homework and calls them to help with their problems. “I try to teach the kids respect, dedication, hard work, and teamwork,” said Harry, “To get to the next level they need to dedicate themselves, work hard, and play as a team.”

Coach Harry is a big advocate of keeping kids out of trouble. He would always tell his athletes that from 3-7 pm are the times that most kids are likely to get caught up in things they shouldn’t, so they need to come to practice and it will keep them out of trouble. Many of his players look up to him and take his advice.

One such player is Kenny. After going through many family problems, Kenny had been having a hard time keeping his chin up and doing well in school. According to his father, Coach Harry had an overwhelming impact on him turning his life around. Coach Harry made sure to keep Kenny involved in sports, give him encouragement and advice, and ask him how things were going. Kenny’s grades started to drastically improve and he even won the Science Fair at his school! Thanks to coaches like Harry, kids like Kenny are staying on the right track. When Kenny grows up, he wants to be a police officer.

However, it’s not just Coach Harry having an impact on the kids; the kids have also had an impact on his life. “I’ve learned to never underestimate a kid,” said Coach Harry, “Sometimes I’ve been so surprised by my kids by the end of the season!”

Detroit PAL is proud of our coaches who are going above and beyond with their teams. Our student athletes benefit immensely from having impactful coaches like Harry in their lives!

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