08 Mar 2018

Coach Jerry Wysinger


Detroit PAL was so excited to bring back tennis in 2016. The U.S. Tennis Association helped build brand new tennis courts at Chandler Park and we were fortunate to be able to program there. We were even more fortunate that we had Jerry Wysinger as our head coach.

Coach Jerry has bkimg0390een coaching for PAL since 1985, starting out as a junior coach. In addition to coaching the PAL tennis team, Jerry also coaches for Palmer Academy and Martin Luther King High School. With the PAL program being new this year, most of the tennis players were new to the sport. That didn’t slow the team down at all though!

“I learned a lot of patience working with the youth at Chandler Park, but they were strong-willed and full of talent,” said Coach Jerry, “We worked hard on teamwork and being on time. The summer season was great, with many of our players making the finals!”

For Jerry Wysinger, coaching comes natural. His 31 years of experience helps out a lot! He tries to instill community service and respect for self in each of his athletes. Between that and hard work, the kids are destined to succeed.

“I e2016-07-18-12-05-51njoy mentoring and seeing the smiles on kids’ faces as a result of love!” he exclaimed, “The happiness it brings them drives me to make them even happier.”

PAL is grateful to the USTA and the Chandler Park Conservancy for building these amazing courts for the community. We are also thankful to have a wonderful, caring coach like Jerry Wysinger teaching the kids this great sport!

Detroit PAL had a great first tennis season and looks forward to expanding the program next year! Congratulations to Coach Jerry and the entire tennis team on a great season!

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