08 Mar 2018

Coach Jessica Condeni

Trix Performance Academy is extremely lucky to have three amazing coaches who are working together to make their team great!

Coach Jessica Condeni, Coach Matthew Smorch, and Coach Andrew Mills work together to coach Trix Academy’s Boys Basketball team. The entire team functions as a family. In team huddles, they always use “us” instead of “I” and they always break from huddles by saying “Family.” These little actions add up and set the standard for working together and demonstrating teamwork.

The coaching staff is always communicating and bouncing ideas off each other. They make sure that they always respect each other’s opinions and find the best way to move forward together.  In addition to coaching basketball, Jessica is a school social worker, Matthew is a middle-school physical education teacher, and Andrew is a math teacher. Basketball brings them together and they love to see their hard work pay off!

The basketball team at Trix is full of passion.

“Our kids are at practice early and they never want to leave the gym,” said Jessica, “The players and coaches feed off of each other’s energy, which creates a very competitive, hardworking environment.”

IMG_0266This is Jessica’s third year coaching basketball for Trix, although she had previously coached volleyball. Working with the athletes on her team has rejuvenated her spirit and excitement for basketball! Her players have been able to show her how to slow down and enjoy the moment you are in. They also taught her to keeping going, no matter what barriers life puts in your way.

“There was a void at our school as we did not offer any extracurricular activities and Detroit PAL was exactly what we needed,” Jessica stated, “I became a coach for PAL because its mission is not just to focus on the athletic journey, but encourages coaches and players to use what they learn on the court in everyday life.”

Coach Jessica understands the importance youth athletics can have on a child’s development. While some might think that children learn everything they need to know in a classroom, Jessica thinks that sports can teach children invaluable and irreplaceable lessons. The three coaches at Trix try to teach their players that they are more than just athletes. They are student athletes that must show integrity, hard work, and passion on and off the court. Jessica encourages them to understand the value of those characteristics within themselves and to gain an understanding that they offer much more to the school and community than just being a good athlete.

“One of the things that we are most proud of as a coaching staff is that after every huddle, timeout, and game, we break on ‘Family.’” Jessica shared, “One game, we were in the middle of a very tight game and called a timeout. We broke the huddle and I said, ‘Team on three.’ All the players looked at me like I was crazy and said ‘No, Family on three.’”

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