08 Mar 2018

Coach John Harvey

John Harvey, the PE teacher at Lighthouse Academy, has his hands full with teaching 5 days a week and coaching for the Soccer for Success program. However, the joy of working with the kids and the coaches keeps him going!

“As a PE teacher, I absolutely love the curriculum,” said John, “The balance of nutrition, age appropriate activities and the mentorship piece all lead to a wonderful after school program to offer to the families.” The Soccer for Success program, sponsored by the U.S. Soccer Foundation, not only teaches soccer fundamentals, but also gives the participants the chance to learn about nutrition and how to lead healthy and active lives. The kids, of course, enjoy the soccer aspect, but John says that they enjoy learning about healthy eating just as much and they are always willing to share the information they learn!

Team work is a very important aspect of any sport, and at Lighthouse Academy, they have a very unique way of bringing the students together. The school values the importance of students recognizing other students work in the classroom and on the field. “Allowing students to share something about a teammate naturally builds that comradery within a team because you are being selfless in ‘shouting out’ something someone on your team did in a posIMG_0837itive light,” John stated, “Our students are always looking to share success stories of others at the end of each practice.”

Coaching for the after-school Soccer for Success program gives Coach Harvey an extra opportunity to get to know the students and support them. His favorite part about being a coach for the program is teaching the students to find something they really enjoy so they can reap the benefits associated with exercise for a lifetime. What a great goal!

Although it may be hard sometimes, Coach Harvey says that his students can always brighten up his day! “They have so much passion for life it rubs off on the way you view things, even when you are having a bad day,” he said, “Our players don’t realize the impact they have on coaches/teachers. It’s a beautiful thing!”

The Soccer for Success program is a very popular program for Detroit PAL, with over 800 kids participating this spring alone! With great coaches like Coach Harvey, it is no wonder the program has grown so much.

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