08 Mar 2018

Coach Kija Chambers

Coach Kija Chambers has been coaching with Detroit PAL since 2012 and is currently coaching travel volleyball. Her team focuses on time management skills, teamwork, and most importantly: having fun!

Her team is a great team to play for because of the fun, family environment. Coach Chambers wants her athletes to not only learn the game, but to fall in love with the game and have fun doing it. Her team is allowed to be silly; as long as they are getting the work done they need to. This includes keeping up with school. She stresses the importance of time management because it is a very important skill in life. Coach Chambers reminds her players to always be mindful of keeping up with their school work and letting someone know if they need help or if they are getting overwhelmed.

“Every practice day we have a pre-practice debrief,” she said, “We talk about how school has been going, if anyone is having trouble, and if anyone, including me, can help in that subject.”

Coach Chambers is more than just a volleyball coach for these girls. She supports them in everything they do. It is very important for her to build positive relationships with the girls outside of the gym.

“I’m the coach that will not only cheer for you on the court, but I will also attend dance recitals or go to your honor society induction,” she said of her players, “I make it a goal to not just know the player in the jersey, but to know the young lady outside the jersey.”

For that reason, young girls are lining up to join her team! Ramona Cox, Detroit PAL Athletic Director for Volleyball stated that, “Coach Kija has a reputation in the volleyball community as someone who makes her players better at volleyball and girls love to work with her. Many players tried out for the PAL travel team because they knew she was one of the coaches!”

Coach Kija Chambers is doing a great job of teaching young girls how to love the game of volleyball and we are excited to have her as a travel volleyball coach!

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