08 Mar 2018

Coach Michael Williams

Coach Michael Williams has been coaching for Detroit PAL since 2007. He is currently the coach of the Ludington Bulldogs, who just won the Varsity Girls Basketball Championships! At the Championship event, Coach Williams was named ‘Coach of the Year’ for his tremendous work with his team and their 9-1 record! The team made it a goal to win the Championship game this year, after falling in the Championships last year. His players got back up, tried again, and won!

Coach Williams was involved in PAL as a child and remembered the impact his coaches had on him. He now gives back by doing the same thing.

“I think my team is great to play on because it’s more than just basketball, we truly are family, from parents to players. We do a lot together, on and off the court,” said Coach Williams, “I try to have them study together, set a goal of at least a 3.0 GPA a20161115_224039nd set up activities on and off the court.”

Coach Williams’ favorite part about being a coach is seeing his players smile, have fun, and accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. He has learned to trust them and knows they can handle and apply what he teaches them.

While he is able to teach his players a lot, Coach Williams has learned lessons of his own from his players and assistant coaches. “My players and children teach me something new just about everyday,” he said, “My assistant coach, Robert Lauray, fb_img_1434909799479is 85 years old. I learn so much from him and he says he does from me!”

Coach Williams coaches school, recreation, and travel basketball. If that didn’t keep him busy enough, he’s also a father of three and a musician! Detroit PAL is proud to have coaches like Coach William, who work hard for the kids and help them be great on and off the court!

Congratulations to Ludington on winning the Varsity Championships and to Coach Williams for winning Coach of the Year for Girls Basketball! Keep up the great work!

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