08 Mar 2018

Coach ML Chase

Coach ML Chase has been volunteering his time for the kids of Detroit for more than 28 years! Coaching for the Love Train team for nearly three decades has been a labor of love for Coach Chase, who enjoys coaching and watching the players grow.

He initichase 1ally got involved in Detroit PAL because his daughters started in the league. He started helping out the other coaches and before he knew it, he was a coach himself! His passion for helping the kids is what has kept him going.

“Our team is great because we get a lot of help,” said Coach Chase, “We have assistant coaches helping us out and we have a lot of fun.”

According to Chase, many of the girls on his team were new this year, but they worked hard and improved a lot throughout the season. This season, the Love Train team made it to the rookie division championship game and came out victorious! With the help of Coach Chase, the IMG_9988team ended their season as division champions.

“I teach them to work together as a team,” said Coach Chase, “I explain it during games that one person can’t win. The team needs to win together, not as individuals.”

In addition to stressing the importance of teamwork, Coach Chase also teaches his athletes to never give up. One of the most important lessons he likes to teach his teams is that if they start quitting and giving up now, the habit can continue as they get older. They need to work hard and follow IMG_9985through.

Coach Chase, who is now retired from working for a fabric company, says that each year he can’t wait for summer! Softball season gives him, and his entire Love Train team, something to look forward to each year. Congratulations to the Love Train team for your championship win!

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