08 Mar 2018

Coach Omar Saleh Thabet

Coach Omar Saleh Thabet’s passion for his team shines when you ask him about any aspect of baseball. The 12 and Under Hamtramck Greyhounds are extremely lucky to have a coach that is excited to share his passion for the game and put his heart into making the team great.

A unique aspect of the Greyhounds team is that they use a family approach. While some of the team is family, the coaches tell every player that everyone on the team is like a brother to the person next to them. This approach helps with team chemistry and helps build relationships on and off the field.

“I try to teach my athletes to never give up, no matter what the circumstance may be. No matter what happened in the past, good or bad, you still have to get back up and get ready for the next play,” said Coach Thabet, “I teach teamwork by using the example of some of the greatest athletes in the world whose teams didn’t succeed because they failed to realize that baseball is a team game.”

The Greyhounds function as a team. The entire team works together and listens to the guidance of their coaches. “What makes them great is that we have 12 kids that just want to play baseball and want to learn everything about the game,” he said.

Coach Thabet has taught his athletes so much. They’ve returned the favor by teaching Omar the importance of patience. He noted that patience is the key to success becimageause greatness doesn’t happen overnight. He and his team take it one day at a time on the road to greatness.

In addition to volunteering his time to coach to the Greyhounds, Omar is also a writing teacher at Hanley International Academy. Coach Thabet knows that teaching and coaching go hand in hand. He believes that as a teacher and a coach, that he has the opportunity to teach kids about life, in every obstacle that comes their way. The kids of the Hamtramck Greyhounds are lucky to have such a great mentor and coach helping them grow and achieve their goals!

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