08 Mar 2018

Coach Ray Haggard

Coach Ray Haggard is no stranger to Detroit PAL. Not only has he been coaching for PAL in football, soccer, and basketball for more than 15 years, he also played PAL football for the Detroit Panthers when he was a kid.

“The impact my coaches had on my life was very important in my development as a young man. My coaches taught me many life lessons that have contributed tremendously to the success that I have had in my life,” said Ray, “So I decided to become a coach in the PAL program and give back to the young people in our community.”

Coaching gives Ray Haggard a sense of satisfaction. He truly enjoys watching young people grow and develop into successful individuals academically, athletically, and socially. Ray tries to aid in this growth by teaching his athletes the importance of dealing with adversity and having resilience. Everyone will encounter some kind of difficult situation throughout their lives, but they must be able to recover. He teaches the players that their ability to recover from their most difficult situations is what will definite them and will be a determining factor in their ability to be successful in life.

In addition to resilience, Coach Ray also makes sure to stress the importance of teamwork. His team starts off each season by talking about teamwork on the first day of practice. Some of his main talking points are:

Positive attitude and body language

Trusting each other

Supporting each other

Being accountable

Accepting responsibility

Providing encouragement

Positive communication

Leading by example

“We also talk about being a team player on and off the field, at home, in school, and in the community,” said Ray, “We teach our kids that doing things the right way is far more important than just winning a game. We trust the process, work hard, accept responsibility, are accountable for our actions, challenge adversity, have resilience, value the importance of integrity, and most importantly, we have fun while doing so!”

Coach Ray always tries to find new ways to challenge and engage his athletes, which includes talking to his athletes about the importance of a good education. He even provides resources such as tutoring and academic programs that can assist in the athlete’s development.

Coach Ray Haggard is doing a great job as a Detroit PAL coach. We hope he continues to coach our participants for years to come!

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