08 Mar 2018

Coach Shaheta Pickett

The Woodbridge Community Youth Center Volleyball team operates just like a family. Their coach, Shaheta Pickett, encourages the girls to have each other’s backs on the court and off. They do everything together as a team and make sure to never leave anyone behind. “We have developed a coachable environment, a winning environment, as well as a strong ethical environment,” Coach Pickett noted.

Coach Pickett is a very busy person. Juggling a full-time job, a 12-year-old, and a volleyball team is no easy feat, but Coach Pickett handles it all by writing everything down and making sure volleyball is part of her everyday life and routine. Writing everything down helps her hunnamedave a perspective of her life and her day to day operations.

Watching the progression of timid girls into flourishing athletes is Coach Pickett’s favorite part about being a mentor and coach. When asked what the most important lesson she tries to teach her athletes is, Coach Pickett responded, “to believe in yourself and the authority you have inside. If you can believe it, you can accomplish the unthinkable.” What a great message!

A unique aspect of the Woodbridge Community Youth Center is that they allow their alumni to support and mentor the girls after they have graduated from the program. Coach Pickett believes that learning from a peer could be the secret to their success. “There is nothing like having prior knowlesge of the game, experience, and hands-on instruction,” said Coach Pickett, “At Woodbridge, our coaching staff has built a bridge that is not built overnight, but with consistency, vision, and faith.”

“She has been a part of the program for several years and has always had a pretty dominant program each year,” said Detroit PAL Volleyball Commissioner, Dr. Ramona Cox, “She is dedicated to teaching the sport the right way.” Coach Pickett is a hard-working coach who is keeping her girls on the right track with great advice, great alumni mentors, and a true passion for helping young people. Great job Coach Pickett!

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