08 Mar 2018

Coach Sylvia Cox

Pershing High School Varsity volleyball player and graduate, Sylvia Cox found herself coaching cheerleading by the age of 18. Since attending college and earning her degree in Nursing, Cox has been practicing in the city of Detroit for more than 25 years. But it was in 2007 when she realized that it was time to try and make a change in her sport. “I’ve always loved volleyball, and every time I turn around – there are a lack of coaches”.

Sylvia’s attributes acquired through nursing have brought whole new meanings to the term coaching. Her compassion and dedication is arguably unmatched. “I’m at the point now, I’ll coach anyone if they say to me, ‘I love this’”. In her first year as a Detroit PAL volleyball coach, her “Toxic Force” middle school team competes in the Travel Volleyball League. Teams come together once a week to square off, usually reaching a total of five matches per day.

Cox says that her team is kept accountable on and off the court, and also responsible for nourishing new friendships, “This game is all about sportsmanship”. The Plymouth Educational Center teacher maintains hard-nosed, yet realistic views, setting an atmosphere ideal for growth and development. “Our youth need to mature, knowing how to act accordingly in any situation”. She says that it didn’t take much for her to climb aboard, “I had one conversation with my Athletic Director, and I just said ‘yes’”

“If you really want to play the game, you have to learn the craft, and you really have to work at it.”

– Coach Sylvia Cox

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