08 Mar 2018

Coach Tamika James-Coleman

Coach Tamika James-Coleman coaches 5th grader soccer for David Ellis Academy West. Although she has only been coaching for three years, Tamika has been involved with PAL as a volunteer and a parent for six years. This season, her team came in second in the GOAL Detroit North 5th Grade Division after a tie-breaker championship game. This was a huge accomplishment for the team!

“The improvement and how they have grown as a team and within the sport of soccer is pretty incredible,” said Shay Lewis, Detroit PAL’s Soccer Commissioner, “They have come a long way.”

Tamika notes thatIMG_0696 their success has come from the team learning to work together. She makes sure that at practice the team is doing drills that cannot be completed without group effort. This has translated to a better performance on the field because the kids really started to understand that they cannot score and continue to win unless everyone does their part and works together.

In addition to teamwork, Coach Tamika makes sure to teach other important lessons to these young athletes. “I try to teach my athletes how important it is to just have fun and relax!” exclaimed Tamika, “I also try to teach them that losing is a learning experience. We have to accept the loss and ask ourselves ‘what could we have done differently?’ and ‘what did the other team do that we can learn from?’”

The soccer team at David Ellis Academy West is a great team to play on! According to Tamika, the team is a family and the school is a wonderful place with amazing staff and great parent support.

Tamika has a crazy schedule to keep up with outside of coaching! She is a hairstylist, art student at Wayne State University, wife, mother, and works for Senior Helpers assisting Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients with daily living needs. She manages to juggle is all with the help of a great yearly planner!

“As a parent, I really apIMAG0337preciate everything that Detroit PAL does for the youth in our community,” said Coach Tamika. She shared a great story about how she was once able to give one of her athletes a pair of cleats because she had gotten them from a PAL equipment drive the year before. The cleats meant the world to this athlete who did not have some of his own. “The day I gave him the cleats was one of my favorite coaching memories. He put them on and he was like a little super hero on the soccer field.” Tamika recalled.

Coach Tamika James-Coleman is working hard to teach her athletes about teamwork, learning, and having fun. She is a great example for all coaches and we are happy to have her be a part of the Detroit PAL family.

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