08 Mar 2018

Coach William Weir

Coach William Weir embodies what is means to be a Detroit PAL coach. Having coached for more than 15 years with PAL, he has helped coach, guide, and mentor an entire generation of baseball players.

Coach Weir got started with Detroit PAL by signing his then 7- and 8-year-olds up for baseball. He remained an active parent on their team that year and decided to volunteer as a coach the following year. His boys are now 26 and 28, and the 28-year-old now joins him to help coach the Jr. Detroit Stars.

“My favorite part about coaching for PAL is working with the kids, especially the younger ones who have never played before,” said Coach Weir, “One of my goals is to instill the love of baseball in as many of the players as possible. We teach them dedication to the game and to their team and hope to instill sportsmanship, discipline, camaraderie, and having fun!”

Coach Weir is dedicated to his team all year long. During the off-season, he makes sure he meets up with his players for birthday parties, movies, batting cages trips, and more.

The Jr. Detroit Stars is a great team to play on because the coaches encourage the players and make sure to never shout or belittle their mistakes. Instead, they laugh, joke, play, and constantly try to keep their spirits up. Coach Weir makes sure to teach his players about teamwork and how they shouldn’t fight with each other. He explains that every position is connected to the others and if everyone does their job, they will have a good game.

unnamed (1)Coach Weir has hopes that all of his players and future players will become future mentors; people who add to society in a positive way.

In addition to coaching, William Weir is also a 4th grade math and social studies teacher. He is on the Executive Board for his union, a member of the Detroit Education Justice Coalition and 482 Forward, and belongs to Alicia Merriweather’s Academic Advisory Council for DPSCD. Coach Weir also works with the Michigan Department of Education and for Detroit Public School Community District helping develop Social Studies curriculum.

We’re not sure where Coach Weir finds the time to coach, but we are so glad he does!

In 2016, Coach Weir was honored by the Detroit Tigers with a Coach of the Year award. His team was so excited for him, mobbing him when he returned to his seat! The award was well deserved and we’re excited they chose one of our greats!

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