08 Mar 2018

DeQuan Finn

Finn1Our athletes have a tough job, balancing their athletic training and academic studies. For athletes like DeQuan Finn, it’s all worth it.

DeQuan is 14 years old and in 8th grade at Bradford Academy. He is involved in both football and basketball and is able to maintain a 3.76 GPA. “Balancing the two is very challenging and a lot of hard work and dedication,” said DeQuan, “but when you have dreams of succeeding like I do, it’s all worth it.”

Not only is DeQuan keeping up his GPA, but he is also a member of the Dean’s List at his school and was named a MVP in both basketball and football.

His mother has noticed a big change in him since he started in PAL when he was 8 years old. “Since he began in PAL, it has Finn2helped him to become more disciplined, more social, and more determined,” said Kia Finn, “he has excelled well in basketball and football while maintaining his GPA.”

DeQuan has been able to learn how to play these sports and have fun, but he also enjoys the competitiveness involved. Like any great athlete, he recognizes the help that he has had to get him to the level he is today. “I’ve had the opportunity to have some great coaches along the way,” he stated, “I just take bits and pieces of each individual and carry it with me.”

DeQuan hopes to one day attend college at the University of Oregon and would love to make it to the NFL one day. With his hard work and dedication, anything is possible!

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