08 Mar 2018

Dion Lacey, Jr.

Dion Lacey Jr. is a PAL soccer player with a great work ethic and big dreams! Dion has been playing soccer for Team Thunder for three years now and has learned many important lessons along the way. “It has helped him become a team player,” said Alicia Bougard, Dion’s mother, “It also helped him learn the importance of school. Dion knows that education is a priority.”

The seven-year-old soccer player attends St. Paul Lutheran School and notes that his favorite subject in school is math. Dion has no problem keeping up with school work and soccer though! His mother makes sure that school work is done before practice and that Dion can practice his spelling words on the car-ride to games. “If I don’t keep up with school, I can’t play soccer,” says Dion, “If I couldn’t play soccer I would be so sad!”

In addition to learning the importance of keeping up with his education, Dion has learned a lot about teamwork during his time at Detroit PAL. He and his teammates always make sure to encourage each other with high-fives after each practice and a huddle with an encouraging “Team Thunder!” chant after games. Learning about good teamwork paid off for Dion this past season. He learned how to properly pass the soccer ball in practice and then during a game, a teammate passed him the ball and he scored a goal! A great display of the teamwork PAL encourages for all of its players! Dion loves scoring goals and having fun with his new friends at soccer practice.

“A kid like Dion is the reason I work at Detroit PAL.  At 5 years old, he was a kid who had never played soccer before, enjoyed the league and now loves playing the game and has played for 3 straight seasons,” said Shay Lewis, Associate Athletic Director of Soccer for Detroit PAL, “That’s what Detroit PAL and our soccer program is all about…giving kids an opportunity to try a new sport and watching them grow and have a great playing experience with the game of soccer.  Dion has such a colorful personalitSoccery. He smiles and says hi to me every time I see him on the soccer field.”

Dion has big plans for his future as well. When asked what he would like to be when he grows up, his response was a ninja! “When I grow up, I want to be a ninja because I want to help and save people in the world.” What a great dream! We look forward to watching Dion grow and work towards his dreams of making a difference in the world!

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